My Favourite Food

I absolutely love acai bowls, sushi, cheesecake and more! These are only a few of my favourite foods, they are all very delicious and amazing but unfortuantely I rarely am able to eat them because of the specific place that makes my favourite type of food.

Where I would love to go

These are the top six places I would love to go to, the Sahara Desert, Africa, Jordan, Rainbow Mountains in Peru, Kyoto and Tokyo. I dream to visit these places when I am older. They are all so beautiful and I hope I can go to all of them one day, there are so many more like Greece and Iceland which I aspire to visit someday.

My Favourite Places

My favourite places are London, Paris, Italy, Germany and Ireland. I love how each of these places contrast so greatly, they all have their own individuality and style which is different. One day, I would love to go back and visit them again to see the sceneries and enjoy the food and atmosphere.

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